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Past Trips

As we love to travel, we thought we'd bring together a few of our favourite trips for you to enjoy.

These links take you to web pages where the blogs from the trips have been re-ordered to make them easier to read. Be patient, though, as the pages tend to be quite large and contain a number of photos...

If it's just the pictures you're interested in, then check out the Galleries section.

Trip Stories

Click on any of the following links and be prepared for a wait (don't try this on a slow Internet connection, unless you're about to put the kettle on!)


Australia 2019 - our Holiday of a Lifetime!, 3 months travelling around Australia in a rented motorhome

Part 1: from Home to the start of the Stuart Highway   The first part of the journey, from home via Melbourne and Phillip Island (MotoGP) and on to the start of the infamous Stuart Highway
Part 2: up and down and around to Darwin The second part of the journey, up the Stuart Highway to Alice Springs / Uluru and then back down to the south coast, then all the way around via Perth and Broome to Darwin
Part 3: the final leg back to Melbourne The final part of the journey, from Darwin down to Daly Waters, then east to Cairns and down the coast to Sydney and back to Melbourne and the journey home

Africa 2019 - supporting the Globebusters tour from Nairobi to Cape Town

Part 1: solo from Cape Town to Nairobi The first part of my journey, from home to Cape Town, then up to Nairobi alone in a Transit van
Part 2: from Nairobi to Cape Town Supporting the Globebusters' tour group as they ride from Nairobi to Cape Town

Europe 2019 - a 10-week Solo Adventure around Central and Eastern Europe, May - July 2019

From Cardiac Arrest to Packed and Ready to Go!   Starting with my heart scare on Halloween 2018 and concluding with me ready to leave on my solo European adventure
Leg 1: From home to Istanbul, May 2019   The first leg of my solo trip around Eastern Europe, 2019
Leg 2: Around Turkey, May and June 2019   The second leg of my solo trip around Eastern Europe, 2019
Leg 3: Istanbul to home, June and July 2019   The third and final leg of my solo trip around Eastern Europe, 2019 (including Chernobyl and Auschwitz)


Florida and Nova Scotia, September - October 2018   A trip with Aaron and some friends from Florida to Nova Scotia and on to the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival
Our New Zealand trip, January - February 2018   Our holiday of a lifetime to New Zealand


The Trans AM Trail, August - September 2011   A trip across the wildnerness of the USA, from Tennessee to Oregon
Dambusters Tour, May 2011   A trip to the Ruhr valley dams attacked by the legendary Dambusters 68 years ago


The Trans-Americas trip, July-December 2009   The big one, from Achorage Alaska to Buenos Aires Argentina via the top & bottom of the continent
European Easter Escape, 2009   2,000 miles in 4 days, as Paul racks up the miles preparing for the Trans Am
Far East 2009   A short trip to Thailand and Cambodia, in lieu of the cancelled Vietnam holiday, March 2009


USA 2008   From Las Vegas to Phoenix in an open-topped Mustang
Paul's Highland Fling, May 2008   3 days and 1,000 miles to Skye and back


European Bike Tour, 2007   Our last motorcycle adventure together


Paul's Everest trek   The story of Paul's first big adventure - trekking to see Mount Everest

Old Blogs

The following links take you to our earlier blogs:

The Old Blog, April 2010 to August 2011   Takes up the story from the end of the TransAM through various mini-adventures to the start of the Trans AM Trail in August 2011
Just One More Meow   The cat's blog - Heffy and Marmie started a blog whilst Paul was away, but it didn't last...
Blog to July 2009   Takes up the story from the end of the USA trip through to Paul's departure on the Trans Am
Our old Blog   Starts with out return to the UK following the accident in August 2007 through to September 2008
Tracy's Blog   Tracy's first blog, from April to August 2007
Paul's Original Blog   Paul's first blog, from January to August 2007

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